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    Quote Originally Posted by rot View Post in Europe we don't use email that much (in the private communication sector).
    Really? my experience most Europeans tend to use e-mail just as frequently as I do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ryleyinstl View Post
    Really? my experience most Europeans tend to use e-mail just as frequently as I do.

    SMS is absolute key funtionality in european and asian mobile market.
    I would guess 60-70% of mobile phones are only used for talking and sending SMS.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ryleyinstl View Post
    If every message was time and date stamped there would be twice as much info on the screen all the time. I would find this completely annoying, not to mention unnecessary.
    PalmOS had this feature without cluttering up the screen. When you selected an individual message, it displayed the message in a new screen with all the information and some buttons for actions to take on the message. I don't understand why Palm couldn't do this in WebOS. Right now, you can select an individual message to copy/forward, why not add one more option to see the whole message with time and date information in a new card?

    I think this is a significant feature request. Not only would I like to know the time that someone sent a message, I would like to know from what number. I have contacts with several mobile numbers, and WebOS won't even tell me what number a message came from.

    I would like to be able to select an individual message and see a new scene with the contact it came from, the mobile number it was sent from, the date and time, the message, and some buttons like "copy," "forward," "reply," "delete," etc.
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    Several of my phones didn't keep the date and time on SMS messages. So it doesn't bother me.
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    Use another forum to complain. Be helpful or useful on this one -Take your *itching to Palm & Sprint!!!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by AlwayzRight View Post

    To everyone else,
    He has a point, you may not like how it's said but it's true, my POS mogul had a waaay better messaging application (as far as time-stamping goes anyway)that it's embarrassing. If Palm wanted to they could have fixed it in 1.3.1 but they didn't. And that's why its a fail.
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    really dont care at all, to begin with the pre is not easy to navigae through previous weeks and months on the SMS. long loading and really not worth the effort to go back into to look for a message to proof to my friend i did text him/her that one night. you should complain about the navigation then jump to time stamp, why complain about the time stamp if its freaking hard to go back 2+ week ago on the SMS.
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    well webos internalz have made it fairly easy to simply download the patch..obviously palm made the pre capable to do it so its all the same to me...rather they put it on there or webos internalz team put it on there....its there and the pre is capable of havin download the patch or get a droid phone...i dont care what phone u have......every phone is gonna b missin somethin yo old phone had...look at iphone still has no camera flash but so what...its other things palm is concerned about im sure.. and im glad battery life is one of them!!!i only been with palm since treo 650, im missin stuff my treo had but my treo didn play all youtube videos, did not multi task programs and had the worst video camcorder u could imagine!!! but the pre is better. and hopefully they fix the classic app situation
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    Asked and Answered.
    Just call me Berd.
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