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    Hi All -

    So I've run into an odd problem. I've tried using WebOS Doctor to fix it, but to no avail.

    When I run any twitter app (I own Tweed, and I've tried this with Twee Free and Spaz), the app is extremely slow. If I try to browse through anything, it is mind-bogglingly slow and laggy once I start going down the list.

    Anyone run into this? Have any advice? It's driving me insane, and it's only when I'm running Twitter apps.

    I'm running stock 1.3.1, no homebrew, etc.
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    i never had any problems with that at all. i've always used tweed (and have tried a few others), and even before i ever started patching it was fine, not laggy at all.
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    I follow a person that has an animated pic on twitter and tweed always gets bogged down when they are on my timeline. At least I believe that's the issue.
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    Hmm, that could be the case...I'll start playing around with that and see if I can get them off my timeline.
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    It wasn't an animated picture, but it was someone that I am following. Thanks again for the help, everything is running smooth as butter now.

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