Had my Pre since the 1st week. Love the OS ..... Incredible user experience.
Phone actually worked, key board is made by elves for elf like hands. Which isn't a terrible thing unless you have big hands. Screen is awesome, i love the touchstone idea... Best charger i have used by far. App store is bunk, but its a new OS so that was to be expected. Pandora is a god send. Easy mail integration, wifi & 3g/4g speeds were nice to have. Form factor is also nice,wouldn't mind if it were slightly bigger to accommodate a bigger keyboard. I wish it had an SD slot. Customer Service for myself was always a great experience. Kudos to Sprint. April and her crew in Az are amazing, good luck in Lackland. So too are the people @ the store next to the Beverly Centre on La Cieniga and 3rd. With that being said.

Why on earth did Palm chose to go the cheap route with this build????
My roommates have an Icry & a G1. Both are built rock solid compared to the Pre. I know this isn't a news flash to anyone here, but i honestly thought of leaving Sprint for At&T or T-Mobile yesterday. Because of the build quality of this phone. I was gladly talked out of it by a store manager. But the amount of time i spend having the phone reboot with out me power cycling it is ridiculous. It isn't rooted and i don't have a bunch of app on there, maybe 10 max. And the constant worry of playing "Is my phone in a safe place" was getting irritating. I am pretty consistent with taking care of my tools that i use for work and in general daily life. But compared to what i was observing out in the "world", the daily grind was taking its toll.

So i have gifted my pre to my kid bro He had a cheapo samsung slider phone that was 2 years old. I am hoping the 2nd or 3rd generation Pre will be up to snuff and built like a tank. He isn't a power user and he takes care of his things. So my loss is his gain. I got a new phone, and i miss the OS i keep trying to swipe the "cards away and they won't go
away. But the build quality is pretty nice and it doesn't shut off automatically anymore. The community here is great, very informative and helpful. I hope Palm gives you a product worthy of the efforts and enthusiasm you put forth.