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    ive tried Twee (.95) tweefree and spaz

    before i pay for a twitter client what is my option....

    im looking for a twitter app that will notify me of new tweets in the same manor my phone notifies me of a new text, email, wtvr. in real time, not on a set time schedule but as they happen.

    does tweed do this?

    is there no free option that does this? i dont care about pic support just want to know of new tweets lol.

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    tweed does do this. it's notifications rock! you can add a bookmark to any one one twitter even if yu don't follow them and get notified, any list you follow you can have notifications for, and the way it shows them is great; you can cycle through them on a button that is on the notification bar. it's pretty sweet! the only thing i can think of that tweed could add would be the ability to list people from tweed, and to changed profile info/avi. it does everything else.

    tweed does have a time schedule though. the shortest is five minutes. i don't know if they are able to check in real time. even desktop twitter clients usually only make a call every so often, i think.
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    Yeah, I think that Twitter limits the API calls to 100/hour. You won't find a client that supports real-time monitoring.

    I use Spaz, myself. I like it.
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    spaz has no notification support, that i saw.

    and the iphone and my mac both get an "instant" update of tweets.... hmm.

    i made another post about saving the install files for software. once i get an answer to that ill prolly check out tweed. (i need to get a new Pre and dont want to pay for the app if i cant keep it on the new one.)
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    once you pay for an app and if you get a new phone as long as you log into your profile it should reinstall it for free.
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    If any of them have 1min interval don't you think its enough?

    My favorite is Twee but i'm in EU, so I only have the free version
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    Quote Originally Posted by mamouton View Post
    once you pay for an app and if you get a new phone as long as you log into your profile it should reinstall it for free.
    ok cool, thanks!
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    You can find a nice comparison of all the webOS Twitter clients here:
    Totally Palmed: Which is the BEST Twitter App for the Palm Pre and Palm Pixi?
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    I paid for Twee and Tweed and find myself using Twee exclusively, mostly because of the interface.

    IMO, those are the two best considerations.
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    Personally, I like Tweed. It is a life savior for my developer needs and helps me to communicate a lot easier, with other devs.
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    If you just want real time tweets, why not just have them sent via SMS?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sheuba View Post
    If you just want real time tweets, why not just have them sent via SMS?
    i have found in the past that the SMS tweets can often come way late, or even not at all. there was a time when things that i'd tweeted, and also tweets of people who i had SMS turned on for would arrive hours and even days late. someone would @reply me about something and i'd get really confused because i'd said it a long time ago but people were just seeing it. it usually works okay, but i wouldn't count on it for real time notifications.
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    I've used them all and the only ones that are worth using are going to be Twee or Tweed. I use Tweed because IMO it appears that this developer is actually updating the app to keep up with the latest/greatest.

    None of the twitter apps for webOS (to my knowledge) offer real-time updates.

    Tweed does offer notification support and in the last update added the new retweet and list features.
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