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    There may already be something out ther I don't know about, so forgive me for recommending this if it already exists...

    What about some sort of profile management. I work in an office that has abhorant signal for ALL carriers. My Pre is constantly searching for both phone and data signal and waffling from some to none to roam. On the other hand...I have wifi at home and my phone is usually charging if not in use. I've patched my phone so I can force it into roam while at work. And i do other things to make sure that i'm not chewing up my battery life.

    Here's what i'd like to see (and I'm not a programmer, so don't even know if it can be done). I'd like to see a way to create power profiles which you can use depending on location. Go into app, create the initial profile (turn on this, turn off that. Force roam. force get the idea) then, you can call up the power management profile you want to use and it will then automatically make the setting changes you made.

    Hope that makes sence.

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    I know I have seen an app that will automatically change your background, ringer, etc based just on GPS location but I dont think it changed those settings, would probably be a good app to make if anyone knows if that can be done
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    Yes, it's called Airplane Mode.

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