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    Hi a christmas present...

    Question is, should I update my GSM Pre from 1.1.2 to 1.3.1 now or wait some weeks until 1.3.5. comes out in Europe?

    What do you think?

    I read several sites saying, 1.3.1 for GSM Pre is rather buggy and e.g. not showing the apps anymore? Or has that totally been solved? I have 221 at the moment at 1.1.2
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    Defo move to 1.3.1 - even if it is considered 'buggy' its a hell of an improvement from 1.1.2... as the version number suggests.

    By upgrading you have nothing to lose

    EDIT: I also remember reading *somewhere* that when an update is available the Pre will try to grab it via WiFi for 3 days, then if it still cannot find a WiFi connection it will force it via 3G/data whenever it manages to get a connection. So if you are intent on avoiding the update, for whatever reason , do not enable WiFi or data services. Again, I do not see why you wouldn't want to upgrade. Its an upgrade!!
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    you should probably first grow a pair and find stuff out for yourself
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    OK guys...thanks for the updated the Pre...only 123 Apps left in the catalog.

    Think will have to wait some weeks to get lots more of them...
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    the lack of apps isnt a bug, its a feature
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    Quote Originally Posted by diggedy View Post
    the lack of apps isnt a bug, its a feature

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