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    Is the TAB-key implemented and if so, whats the sequence, please?

    On PalmOS I think you pressed shift+space but that doesnt seem to work on WebOS. Miss it quite a bit when stepping through forms, for instance typing in username and password.
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    Unfortunately, we do not have a 'Tab' function yet...
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    I know it's not a real answer for you, but why need a tab key when the screen is that close to the keyboard? My friend on a wimo phone was asking me where the tab key is on my Pre. Tab key or not, he's still dead jealous.
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    this is a function Ive been missing as well. @Jimbode the proximity of screen and keyboard is completely irrelevant. If I'm typing in a username/password on a site the two fields often are not both on the screen at once because of palms poorly executed zoom function. So being able to change text fields without having to scroll just seems like a no brainer to me.
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    Yea, I know what you mean. Sometimes the zoom function works great, but most of the time it just makes things more difficult. For example, if you're using the mobile version of Precentral on your Pre. When you try to reply to a post, it zooms in so you can't see the whole text box anymore. You have to manually resize it if you want to see what you're typing.

    A tab function would definitely help out when you're trying to enter info into more than one text field on a website.
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    If you doubletap in a text box, it'll re-size it to fit the screen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dbd View Post
    If you doubletap in a text box, it'll re-size it to fit the screen.
    The Tab key should have still been implemented.
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    +1 big time!
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    Quote Originally Posted by bipoler View Post
    The Tab key should have still been implemented.
    Oh BELIEVE me I know. I even made a thread about that, MONTHS ago. Believe me, I agree.
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    +1 for me. If you're a keyboard-loving kinda guy the Tab is an important function. Also I'd wager to say that if you have a Pre you appreciate a physical keyboard, at least.

    Personally I haven't used a mouse in about 5 years, relying instead on the eraser head on the keyboard for mouse functions. Why, you ask? Because of the speed of not having to leave the home screen. Therefore I understand that while the screen might be close-by, that is about the same argument as having to take your hands off the keyboard to move a mouse that some people (me included) don't really care for.
    It's an issue of "religion" and I'm not here to try to convert anyone or to say which one is better/worse/indifferent, just 'splainin' the point of view of someone that likes keyboards for their speed.
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    Tab is also useful for formating simple text files, not just for navigation of the fields. Spaces works, but you have to remember how many you have used for text to line up good.
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