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    My Pre has been handling quite well, as long as I don't forget to leave it in the car, no problems here
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    Atleast the Pre have some physicals keys so you can answer, make calls and type messages. If the iPhone got similar problems it renders it pretty much useless with its on-screen keyboard?
    I'm sure the iPhone's virtual keyboard is no more frustrating than the Pre's physical keyboard while wearing gloves.
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    haha, yup. Cold fingers are almost as hard as keeping the golves on. I was using my nose to answer the phone at one point, but it got to cold to work Luckily my nose doesn't run to badly.
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    Ok, took the phone with me while skiing to test using the buttons but it was a epic failure. I thought I would get along with just using the keys and sure, you can recieve a call by sliding the keyboard out, you can look up a contact by starting to type its name but if the contact have several numbers you can't select nothing but the first number.

    Anyway, I missed call, returned it a while later but was directed to voice mail, left a message and then it struck me, there is now way to hang up a call if the touch screen aint working due to the cold. You would think that since you can start a call by hitting Enter that you can end the call by pressing the same key, no you can't.

    Now I understand why it would be handy with the hack that hangs up when you close the keyboard. I hope Palm implements this in a patch.
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