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    Went to charge my Pre. Plugged in USB cable w/out choosing just charge(not sure if this makes a diff.).

    Let it charge for about 20 min. Returned only to find my Pre asking to restart. When I rebooted, it asked for my Palm e-mail and password(like when I 1st activated it).

    After I did all of that, it asked me for my yahoo/gmail password. Both accounts synct but 90% of my contacts read "No Name Available" but the info is still there.

    Has this ever happen to anyone else?

    Does anyone have a solution? Please Help....
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    That's very annoying for you. You need to check the gmail contacts and yahoo contacts in a web browser and make sure the broken contacts haven't been synced. If your 'web' contacts are still in tact you could try removing your accounts from your Pre, then deleting all contacts from your phone, then readding gmail/yahoo.

    I'm sorry I couldn't be more help, this must be very annoying for you.

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