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    Has anybody noticed a slight delay when talking on the Pre? I don't know if the issue is with my Pre or Sprint?

    I switched from an old Nextel phone to the Pre (Sprint) several moths ago. Since then several people have commented that it is annoying because it is almost like an International call where they start to talk and I haven't stopped because of the delay.

    I did a test tonight where I called a friend and started counting out loud to 10 and told my friend to say "Stop" when he hears me say "five". He was saying "Stop" after I said "Six".

    I have no Patches installed.
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    i have had this issue many times, with different phones on sprint, only to/from att phones. not sure why, but also usually hear lots of static when talking to att phones. have had others notice it with sprint and verizon talking to people on att. not sure if it helps, just something that has been goin on a while in my neck of the woods
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    The test that I performed was to an ATT phone. My other friends that are complaining are on Sprint, Nextel, and Verizon. I'll try the same test with them.

    The reason that I thought that it might be my Pre is that nobody is complaining to the other Sprint friend about their non-smart Motorola phone.
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    Voice delay problem Update...

    This is getting embarrassing. I was just talking to my boss on the phone (he uses Nextel) and thought that my call was dropped so I called him back. He said that he had to hang up because a customer came in and he tried to stop me by saying my name several times, but I totally didn't hear him.

    I still can't decide if this is a network, Palm Pre, or my phone problem. I now have a cousin who has a Palm Pre and he said that this hasn't happened to him yet.
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