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    Recently I bought Zagg invisible shield for my Pre, Its on there perfectly. It was HELL to put it on right! But I think the solution (glue-water) I used for the Zagg had messed up my ear piece on the Pre. When I make calls I hear a cracking sound. Its soooo annoying! I really don't want to replace my Pre, my Pre is in excellent condition (Flawless) Is there anything I can do to get this fixed. The a$$holes at Sprint Repair centers are unable to fix ANYHING (reason: They are not allowed too, only can replace) So yeah, anyone out there that can help me plzzzzzzzzz thanks!

    UPDATE: anyone has any idea or tips on how I can get it fixed without doing a replacement with sprint... I really wanna keep my phone...
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    Any Help Please?
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    if its really THAT annoying then replacement is the only option...

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    I had both a pre and a pixi have speaker failure. Its not insurance issue. Its manufacturer defect. Go to a sprint store and get a new phone like I did.
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    No other way eh? I guess Ill have to get used to it. I really don't want to replace my phone for a refurb phone. My brother had replaced his 3 times. All his replacement phones had slider problems and software glitches... So again understand why I don't want to get a replacement phone... there all refurbs, and BTW Sprint repair centers are not authorized to repair any Palm Pres, all have to be sent back to Palms warehouse, I was told be a tech at Sprint repair center... so ya... idk o well my lost here
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    My Pre has problems when I have my headphones plugged in. I think the connection between the speaker plug and the phone is not strong. My first Pre died for other reasons but it also crackled when I had ear buds plugged in and the phone was in my pocket (this problem developed over time.. at first everything was fine). My second Pre does the same thing now (although it originally worked fine). Also, this happens with a variety of ear buds.

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