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    so a couple days ago my Pre was bugging out and the gesture area was lighting up on its own and bugging out as if it were doing a back gesture or if i just tapped it to light up.

    and now a day or to after that its not ever lighting up or doing a back gesture or bring the wave up. so i cant go back in a app, bring up my virtual keyboard or even do the wave.

    anyone else have to this problem or no how to fix it?????
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    Bum screen protector or dirty/oily screen?
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    no screen protector. and screen it pretty clean usually and if it is oily and dirty it still usually works....
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    Reboot, it happened to me. The issue could be with missing Sprint signal.
    Each time I noticed either low signal or no signal.
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    reboot in wich way? soft reboot, a normal one, or like webos doctor it?
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    Turn it off and on.
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    yeah didnt work. i soft rebooted it, i turned it off then back on, and i even let it die last night to recharge it and when it came back on still the same thing...
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    no one can help here???
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    Shutdown completely.
    Take the battery out.
    Put back the battery.
    Try it again.
    Also make sure you have good Sprint Signal.
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    I had that problem with my first Pre. I'm on my 7th now, and I've only ever seen that issue happen to my first one one. Bottom line- get it replaced. Call up Palm directly, unless you have that (mostly worthless) Sprint "we'll repair your phone for a fee" add-on service they sell you.
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    yeah restarting it like a said didnt do anything.
    and i dont have the replacement plan or w/e so i guess ill just bring it to the local sprint store to see what they say

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