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    2 months and 3 phones later I am sooo happy with the Pre. Have gone from the Hero to the Moment and now here I am. Have been looking at some of the homebrewed stuff...still a bit nervous that I might mess something up.
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    Welcome to the group! i could not have any other phone besides my pre, ever. And do not worry about messing up the homebrew stuff, it is very hard to brick a pre since palm released WebOS doctor. So go ahead and try out homebrew.
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    Welcome aboard! Make sure you read the How To articles for Homebrew, Preware, and webOSQI, but Krab19 is is all but impossible to brick a Pre. There are even work-arounds for a total freeze (had to use it yesterday, but removed the patch that caused the freeze -- it was a DANGEROUS patch, stay away from those until you are very comfortable with patching and tweaking), and while it can be time consuming a visit to the good Doctor puts the Pre back to factory specs.

    Homebrew allows each of us to "build" a phone that is exactly right for our individual needs, and is supported by Palm and Sprint (if you are on Sprint, of course). The Homebrew developers are an amazing bunch -- for almost anything you can thing of you will find that There's a patch/app for that.

    Oh yeah...I could not have any other phone beside my Pre, ever, either!!!!
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    hey! definitely study up on homebrew. it's not tough at all, extremely unlikely that you'll damage your device, and once you have your phone pretty much tailored to you, it's just so much fun to work with.

    i never had any problem with my Pre with no homebrew, but thanks to themes and patches, i cannot imagine using anything with another OS anytime in the near future.
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    i'd like to learn more on homebrew apps
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrjohnishome View Post
    i'd like to learn more on homebrew apps

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