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    all of a sudden certain MMS and SMS texts aren't showing from specific users. For example if my wife sends me a text and i open it from the notification (lower right corn I can see the messages but when I go back to "conversation view" not a single text of hers shows...when i send her a text it puts it in the conversation but again when i go back to the main page or conversation view, its like she is invisible and they don't show. I have restarted the phone a few times and have had other people send texts which I can view just fine.

    any help on this would be appreciated
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    It's a known bug.

    Let me guess.... you deleted some messages earlier from some people?

    Those are the people you're not getting messages from.

    I did the same thing. The only current fix is to delete all your Contacts and Re-Enter them all by hand. =(

    Here was my post on the issue:
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    thanks for the fix!

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