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    Hi PreCentral community,

    First and foremost the Pre is a great phone. But with any technology there has been some hiccups. On December 19th I noticed the last back up taken was on the 3rd. So I didn't really think anything of it and I manually took a back up and thought it would resume as usual. A couple of days later no new automatic back up since the 19th. I looked at post on Palm's website where a Pre owner said that he noticed on his device, under the back up utility, when he logged into his Palm profile it stated that "This profile has not been verified." However, when he was logged on the web it said that the profile was verified.

    This is where I stand now after chatting with two techs from Palm....

    The first tech I spoke with prior to the 22nd had me hold down the power button and slide the ringer switch 3x to fix the back up issue. It didn't. She also said that although the device says the profile isn't verified it doesn't affect the use of the phone. She said that it shows my profile as being verified in the Palm database. I would say it does affect something. So since her suggestion didn't work I performed a partial reset. Upon logging into my Profile and after data synchronization took place, my phone contacts and Google data were not restored. Now the Google data is already stored on Google's servers, so that doesn't matter, what did matter is all of the phone contacts I had ported over from my old phone were not. And I assumed they were being backed up to Palm's servers. After opening another chat with a different tech, he had me perform a partial reset again. It wasn't until the third partial reset where my G data was completely restored but only a small percentage of my phone contacts. I couldn't tell you how frustrating this is seeing how we are relying on the Palm's cloud service to back up the data over the air. Now I have to go to Sprint and have my contacts in my old phone ported back to the Pre. Please if you see a profile verification discrepancy between your device and the web don't assume everything is fine. Another thing that I noticed is my bookmarks were not restored either. Not a big deal since I can replace those but it's a bit daunting to manually enter individual phone contacts!!!
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    had a similiar problem were my phone reset and i lost all my contacts, backup was verified and everything looked good before i lost my contacts, then only got 6 back after i set up my profile, it seems like its an on going problem with palms backup system, but the best thing is probably getting a gmail account and saving all your numbers there, backs everything up flawlessly

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