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    So usually my phone is constantly going off for emails, SMS, or MMS. Yesterday, i didn't receive any SMS for a good 5 hour period but didn't think anything of it because of the holidays. I know it was 5 hours because at 2AM my phone exploded with an onslaught of SMS messages that weren't received on time (the "message was sent at *time*" was in the SMS threads.) but throughout that period i had received MMS and emails.

    I haven't changed location or software for this to happen. Has anyone else been experiencing this issue? Is there anything that I can do to test if it is the phone or if it is the network? I dread having to go to a Sprint store at this time of the year to get this resolved, or deal with the techies voiding my warranty because homebrew is installed.

    Any and all help is greatly appreciated!
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    I have times where I have delayed messages come in....sometimes it is just a fluke in the Sprint system. See if it becomes consistent instead of a 1 time thing.
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    I had the same problem I receive about 7 text messages about 4 - 5 hours later theb they were sent not sure what it was
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    Same problem here, I knew I wasnt getting any when my gf called and said well? So I tried to contact sprint and *2 wouldn't do anything for me just told me to call back later...Call this am and what do you know...they were backing up their servers last night!!!
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    I've been having that problem also.
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    Happened to me last night too -- went about 3 hours without getting any texts. I sent myself one and it came through cause it was from a Sprint customer -- I guess non-Sprint texts were not coming through.
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    As far as I've known Sprint has always been this way. Our hospital used to require our emergency personnel to carry an additional phone/carrier if they had a Sprint phone because their sms delivery was too unreliable for life-critical messaging.
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    Mines is delayed too I'm going to call sprint and check my settings. I could see an irate worker messing up the settings lol.
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    Mine also did this over XMas, i sent out a few texts and didn't receive a response... until 2 am when I received like 50 texts that had been previously sent.
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    I called sprint here in Ohio there was an outage towers down so they are working on it

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