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    I just got a new Pre for Christmas, I live in Canada and am with bell. I noticed that sometimes when I would slide the phone closed, it would reset, happened to me 8 times within 2 hours.

    I remembered reading about this issue so I decided to take out my battery and my pre doesn't have the pad which fixed this problem, but after taking out the battery and putting it back in, it hasn't happened to me since but it still has been less then a day and I have a feeling the battery may come loose very shortly giving me this issue again. Also my slider feels quite wobbly, but without another Pre to compare it to, I cannot tell if it's a defect or that's just the way it is.

    The other confusing thing is my Pre appears to be a combination of both the new and the older ones. The warrantydatecode is 08/26/2009 and is not refurbished. Comparing it to this article on prethinking (I can't post urls so search google newer-palm-pres-are-better-build-added-improvements-fixes-re) Mine doesn't have the new pad, and has the older pearly button, the battery on the right in the picture of the 2 batteries, and my case has the palm logo embossed on it. It also came in a flower box. It's weird because I though Palm made all these changes before my warrantydatecode and when they started selling it in Canada.

    The only thing I can think of is if the pad was only a temporary solution and my battery just wasn't placed in the Pre properly when I first opened it and Palm went back to shipping it in the older flower boxes. If someone could confirm this, that would be great!

    edit: the resetting kept happening so I brought it back and had it replaced with another Pre which has yet to give me any problems.
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