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    I am glad to finally see a (however subjective) account of someone's experience switching from webOS to Android and back. Being a former iPhone owner, I often miss the silky smoothness and seamlessness of Apple's OS, along with the thousands of niche apps that won't probably exist in the app catalog for many years. Great example of one app that makes me really regret ditching the iPhone sometimes is the Dragon naturally speaking app...imagining being able to talk to the phone to write a quick email response on the road kills me. And the amazing kb auto correct that I've seen on both Android and iPhone (I still use my disconnected iPhone at home on wifi to post on the forums often, so I can actually write long posts without wearing myself out in the middle), compared to the Pre's auto correct of just words with apostrophes sometimes (don't, you're, etc)--give me a break. But there are a couple of things that keep me with the Pre: the amazing hardware that we all know this fledgling webOS is sitting on top of, which will be tapped into soon enough by a soon to be really amazing and truly revolutionary OS (an entire OS built on web technologies? F-ing awesome), the great community and palm's open model which allows it to flourish, and memories (nightmares) of the horrible AT&T network which some of you hopefully may never have the (dis)pleasure of experiencing for yourselves. For these reasons i don't have much reason to leave the Pre for a while.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mherald81 View Post
    I agree with you on several things. I recently switched from the Pre to the Hero because I was tired and frustrated with the memory leak issues that 1.3.1 created.

    I still don't get how some Pre owners can say the Hero is sluggish and not say the Pre is....Oh by the way, I still own my Pre.
    Isn't it well known that the Pre is sluggish and left unsaid?

    Also, I still own my Pre and cheat on it with the Hero.
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