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    I have been having a lot of trouble with my pre since I bought it a week ago (lockups, touchscreen issues, wifi connectivity). I plan to bring it back to get a replacement but before I do I would like to know what hardware versions there are. Perhaps I can ask for a newer version.

    I currently have hardware version A (P100EWW). Has there been a version B or higher?
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    Mine is the same, and I had mine since June 6th.

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    Hey James.. Have you had many problems with your pre? Mine seemed fine for the first few days but since then it's been giving me a lot of trouble. I get a lot of lockups where whatever app I'm in stops responding and then the device reboots itself after a minute or two of unresponsiveness. Today the phone seemed okay until I started using the web browser. It rebooted itself every time I viewed a web page. After 5 times I just turned it off and gave up. I currently have it off and charging; hopefully it will be better tomorrow.

    I am in love with webOS and the pre in general so I'm hoping a replacement will fix these problems for me.
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    My Pre often locks up and does a Luna restart. It's related to a memory leak in 1.3.1. Hopefully 1.3.5 fixes it.
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    Thanks for the info LateNiteWithJme.. So perhaps it is not a hardware problem?

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