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    I'm having this annoying issue with my pre.. I'm using this Seidio retractable charging cable along with a USB/wall adapter (one I got with my Logitech mouse). I've used this Seidio cable before and i've also used the logitech adapter before, but this is the first time i've used them overnight (on vacation). And it seems like it's not "really" charging the pre.. it never gets to %100 (even after being hooked up for 10 hours) and sometimes even seem to LOSE battery life while it's charging...

    Anybody has exprience with that kind of stuff? should I just charge the pre using my laptop? will that be faster?
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    seems to me that you can insert the plug, but still not make a full connection to that usb port. Especially if you don't have the poorly designed hatch cover pulled way out of the way. Charging via my iMac does *seem* faster, but I've never timed it.

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