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    So after playing with my friends Pixi, I was sort of impressed how fast that thing was, and also sorely reminded how sluggish my Pre has become. Playing games like topple ball weren't all that much fun anymore because of long pauses...I am talking 10 seconds or so! So last night I decided to try and do something about it and start by cleaning out the thousands of text messages on my phone. I went through all my conversations and swiped them to delete them. While doing that the phone seemed really slow. When I was done, I wanted to pull up one conversation I hadn't deleted yet, and after clicking on the name, I just saw a blank text message screen. The UI stuff was there, but the name of the contact and the messages were gone. I waited for a while, and all of a sudden they popped up. I figured a restart ought to fix this, thinking the Pre is still busy deleting all the other stuff, but I was wrong. After the restart, same story.

    So, I rolled the dice and did a partial restore, banking on the fact that most people that lost their contacts did so when moving to a replacement phone. Well, lucky me, everything came back. All I had to do is add some of my contacts into Quick Contacts and link some of the AIM and Yahoo accounts to the appropriate contact. Some recent contacts from as long as a week ago were missing though. much for that nightly backup, huh? That is kinda my own fault since I did not do a back up just before the restore.

    So.... who else had the problem with deleting text messages and the messaging app becoming slow as molasses after doing so? It's no fun having to wait 30 seconds or more for the texting app to show up after you click on the button to text a contact! I really don't want to have to do a partial erase every month...and what's up with not everything being backed up and my missing of a few contacts that were added in the last week?

    It's all a great concept, but boy it sure still needs some fixing!

    Hoping for 1.3.5.!
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    That sounds like a very odd bug and I hope it was a one off problem. I agree that deleting large amounts of text messages should help speed up the phone not put it into crazy slow mode. As for the backups, I backup everything to Google rather than Palm, that way I can actually see what has been backed up by looking on their website(s) - there's really no way that I know of to verify what exactly is being stored on the Palm servers.
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    Palm was and still is very proud of the backup feature, so something tells me that they will get it figured out hopefully sooner than later!

    I really don't know what to do with my text messages now. Keep them all, or run the risk of the same thing happening again. You would think that the only thing that it would slow down is the initial loading time when you open a text message conversation, and even that is reduced since the phone only seems to load a certain amount of them, the rest is only loaded if you go further back in time.

    Oh well, been lucky so far with my contacts, this is my second pre and my second partial erase, so out of the 3 attempts, Palm got it right every time so far. Keeping fingers crossed!
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    Just FYI I tried to replicate this problem (my SMS count is huge and I also thought I could get some speed performance by deleting them). I had a weird problem where once I'd deleted some threads they'd magically pop up again 5 minutes later, but after a reboot they all deleted with no problems. I think you got unlucky ;(
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    Well...hopefully it was a one time bug....good to know that it's not the norm! Thanks for posting about it!
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    Hello mate, I've got some more info for ya! So it turns out it's actually impossible to delete entire threads of conversation in this way - so although we thought we were deleting the history of our SMS chats, they're actually still stored. The only thing swipe-to-delete does is remove the thread from the "recent" list in the inbox.

    Try deleting one thread, and then once it's gone try typing the name of that contact - it will magically reappear with all the history in tact xD

    I have no idea why Palm decided to do this, but there you have it. So we were both wasting our time deleting them in the first place!

    EDIT: Okay, no that's not true - some threads have been completely deleted, and some remain weirdly hidden. This thing is buggy as hell. Hope you're reading this, Palm!
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    This is an old thread, i know, but this bug still exists in While deleting conversations (lots of them and each one is large) the messaging app locks up then takes forever to re-open. Once it re-opens, my "deleted" conversations start showing up again.

    After several reboots and re-deletes, I think I finally got rid of all my old conversations. I'll start deleting weekly so this doesnt happen again.

    As mentioned before, if you slowly delete the conversations (wait 20 seconds after a delete before deleting any more) it may help the problem. Frustrating either way. Grr
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    This happens to me everytime I delete whole convo's...It's amazing how a phone like this cannot handle some basic functions. My last 5 phones were palm, but I think this is my last. Loved it when I 1st got it, but it just annoys the hell out of me now, it's just too buggy.
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    Just an update. I had this issue today where the msg app was soooo slow opening itself, as well as conversations. Luna restarts did nothing as i did about 7 of them, but a battery pull did he trick for me..

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