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    I recieved an email from someone who is apparently a member of the precentral wave and it lead to a site hosting malware so watch out

    email looks like this

    from Helga M. <>
    to PreCentral <>
    date Thu, Dec 24, 2009 at 9:47 PM
    subject Short joke for You
    mailing list <> Filter messages from this mailing list
    unsubscribe Unsubscribe from this mailing-list
    hide details 9:47 PM (44 minutes ago)
    One short joke clip to cheer Your up!
    Loading VIDEO...
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    I got it too. Deleted it without opening it. Wondered where it came from.
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    Absolutely 100% correct. Everyone who is a member of the Precentral Google Wave Group was hit in their Gmail accounts. Over 700 wave groups were hit. DO NOT go to that link. Re-read the above first post.

    As far as I can tell it is not a member of the group but you can be sure that we are going to look into this. So as far as the title of this thread - No our group does not spread malware. If and when we get to the bottom of this we should have more information in wave.

    Update: a Wave is started called "Investigation into Malware". Any information we find we will post there and if any of you wave members do, please do the same in the "mini chat" window. Thank you.
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    glad to hear it
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    looks like the malware spreader is making another attempt from same email something about a wedding video needless to say do not open just delete
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    i changed some settings on the group that will hopefully prevent non-members from sending messages.

    the last thing i can do, if that doesnt help, is moderate all messages, which id rather not have to do.

    please, everyone, use common sense when receiving messages like that. this isn't the age of AOL 3.0 and we should all know better by now.

    and no, we as a group are not sending out malware.

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