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    I am so over this phone, I can't WAIT to pitch it~ This is ridiculous my Windows phone didn't even do this crap, STILL no SMS Sig, STILL no Video, Crappy plastic KEEPS cracking, just a bit sub-par they should have waited till it was more defined this is a rush job with missing essentials.
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    agree with you, i get random resets daily while watching my own videos on phone.

    This phone was all cool at first but horrible the more i use it.

    Cant wait to ditch this phone
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    I love the idea behind them though it was just HORRIDLY implemented they are trying to do to much to fast and the quality is horrid. I will do my homework in depth before I get a new phone but this cracking plastic SLOW error ridden phone must go AS SOON as something new comes out I cant wait!!
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    my phone has been perfect, even corrected it's own oreo (no joke). I'm a happy user, happy trails to you guys
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    I didn't get any random resets while watching videos on youtube until the latest update. I returned my original pre because of a crack, I've had this one for 4 months now with no problems. as far as the usb crack goes, i think it has more to do with forcefully opening the port from the side closest to the screen and too low. it gives a lot of resistance opening in that spot, shortly after i opened it that way the crack showed up. didnt notice it at first.

    anyway, i'd imagine the web-video streaming will be fixed in the next update.
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    lol wow I just noticed that my phone is cracking as well... I know it wasent me becuase my phone is fully protected... So this is what everybody has been talking about.. Guess ill be getting a new pre... lol
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    my phone chokes whenever I receive several (4+) video messages in a row. It freezes the chat window, and opening/playing them is near impossible without a reset.
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    I've been having the video/reset issue since the last update. Its very annoying especially when you are trying to show someone a video and it freezes up and then resets. Never had an issue before. I also get the freeze up if a messaging thread has videos or too many pictures. It doesn't reset but I end up having to reset the phone to be able to do anything and then delete that thread. Ugh

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