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    I used handbrake using the iPod touch preset, but playback on the Pre was choppy. Does anyone have suggestions for what I need to set everything to so it plays back ok?
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    What format are you putting the videos into?

    edit: This link will probably help solve your problem (don't forget to hit the thanks button )
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    I like using Format Factory Format Factory - Free media file format converter
    Multiple format options and free. Different presets for ipod, iphone, psp, etc.
    Using DoubleTwist is another option, it supports the Pre and is supposed to convert to the optimal format when you sync onto the device.
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    Videora for the Pre works well
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    I use Handbrake, and select iPhone and iPod Touch. I then go to "audio" and change bitrate to 112. I don't notice a change in audio quality, but the choppiness goes away. Hope that helps!
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    The new version of Real Player has a free converter that works great. Just select "Palm Pre" and convert any video for free.
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    I use DVD Catalyst (free version). Select the screen size output (iPhone), choose a file size, then click the start button. It decrypts and shrinks. Couldn't be easier.

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