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    Palm waited to long, first palm ship a phone bare to the bones with its apps and features. They had a great chance to be ahead of the game but failed. Thats what happens when you rush things out. This phone is a little power house but by the time palm shows the world that, it will be way to late(which it is ). Android is ready to release a hell of an update , The current android version crushes palm os so just imagine when android release the new version. Palm needs to perform magic or just say bye bye and stay behind all the rest.
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    I once longed for a certain girl, in college. I continue to long for a faster car, a bigger house, and a government that will protect my individual rights. What is it that you think Palm has waited to long for, and why do you think they've waited to long for it?
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    Does anyone in these forums know 'to long' is spelled "too long"? Sorry, just a pet peeve! But +1 wynand32!
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    I once had a scratched up dirty ugly phone, that sorted my contacts into catagories of my choosing, and didn't force me to clutter up my unsorted contacts with more contacts, oh the days of when I could use a messenger, and not be forced to have all of those contacts shoved into my existing ones, I long for that again.
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    uuggghhh.... bare bones???? seriously? and you want to compare it to android. how much longer has it been out? you my friend, are one of the ones that will never be happy... to bad....
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    Go buy a Motorola razr

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    This thread has no hope.

    Just call me Berd.

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