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       #1 9 days! That didnt take long.
    The touchscreen stopped working. I got a refurb at the Sprint store, so at least I didnt have to wait for a new one to be mailed to me.
    still has 1.1 on it.

    so far it seems faster than my first Pre, maybe thats because of 1.1 or the first one was doomed from the beginning!

    Either way, I am sticking by this phone.
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    Join the club I am on #5.
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    love the phone. im on my third. so far after a month no problems except a little lag in the phone switching from dial pad to list of who called fast enough. i mean hell i have to wait like 5-8 seconds sometimes.
    Pre be with you.

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    this is also my 3rd phone, all same reasons, touchscreen stops responding. I have had this phone the longest, hopefully I don't run into the same issue, but it still looks like this problem is huge issue.
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    i got my 2nd pre in 20 seconds.... the keyboard didnt work on my first one. my 2nd one has a dead pixel on it but im waiting until 1.3.5 comes out and rather then removing everything from the phone ill get get a new one, updated it and then repatch everything lol.
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    I am on my 5th Pre. Wife is on her 2nd. I bought one for my dad, and his screen cracked today. Didn't drop it, had it in a case, etc, but its a fracture coming from the gesture area and all the way to the top of the screen. Now I have to go to the Sprint store tomorrow and get it replaced. (His phone is on my account) These phones have real build issues, not sure how much more of this I can take. I want to stay with the Pre and Web OS, but at this point it is just getting ridiculous. Like paying for a Fine Meal that is going to be served from a toilet. Palm really went low quality on the Pre and it shows.

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