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    I know how this Forum is so here is a pic, not the end of the world but odd. I was wondering why my screen was not turning off the last 2 days. Just curious any one else's phone make up their own "turn off times"?
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    Errr.... Nope. I have choices from 30 seconds up to 3 minutes. I know the text in my phone's Preferences button is white (as is all other information in the header), the corners are rounded, and it's bone stock. Perhaps a patch or tweak might be at the root of the issue?
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    I restarted the phone last night and all is well. It was not there and then all of a sudden it was. I kept turning my phone off and wondering why I had to. I checked and saw 7200 I wonder is that seconds or minutes? I do have a few patches and tweaks.

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