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    Is going to and using it on your palm pre free?
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    Meebo is free if that what your asking.
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    It's free to use it on your palm pre?
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    Using Meebo online is free... Period... Doesn't matter which mobile device you use to access it.
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    Are you sure?
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    How would they charge you? The browser on the Pre is just like any other browser you use on the computer
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    Dude.... Read their freakin' FAQ: General FAQ | meebo

    Q: Is Meebo free to use?
    A: Yes, it is free to use meebo.
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    Yes i know its free to use meebo on a computer...but i meant is it free to use on the palm pre?
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    Meebo is free to use regardless of hardware platform and browser. The Pre comes only with an unlimited data plan. I see no way that you could possibly incur charges by using Meebo from the Pre.
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    many lols to be had in this thread
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    No it is not free, please paypal me 100.00 to keep using it.

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    I'm offering a half price sale on it $50.00 cash!
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    but will sprint charge me?
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    Quote Originally Posted by dustbunny3 View Post
    but will sprint charge me?
    If you check your Sprint terms and conditions, you'll find that "unlimited data" applies to all uses except Meebo, for which there's a $.25/MB service fee.

    I'm just kidding, of course. As everyone has said, there's no charge to use Meebo from anyone.
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    How do you know? What if they start charging him?!?

    And how about me? Will Sprint charge me for using meebo?

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    Is meebo free on a train?
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    I love this topic too much for words to describe.
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    is it free in the rain?
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    Is meebo free to use in a house? With a mouse?
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