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    Quote Originally Posted by HelloNNNewman View Post
    Who's on first? Meebo. Is Meebo free? He's on second.
    I'm not ASKING you who's on second
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    What is Meebo? It is free. Kinda says it all
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    Oh no! I just got my sprint bill, it show charges from meebo
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    Quote Originally Posted by GenericMusings View Post
    I'm not ASKING you who's on second
    No, Who's on first. Meebo. No, wait... aarrgghhh!
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    BTW.. now you can check the last line (just above "References") in the Wikipedia entry. This should solve everything.

    \brushes dust of hands
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    Quote Originally Posted by Buzzard Jr View Post
    i have to quote whoever said this first:

    "i actually got dumber reading this".

    but for some reason i was tranced to read the whole thing to see what was next. it killed me when i got done and realized all the time i wasted.
    +1 but I am alright with the wasting of the time part.

    And to be clear, Meebo made me do it.
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    I have a GSM Pre and an unlimited data plan from O2 but according to Wikipedia Meebo is based in Mountain View, California.

    Surely the long distance, international internet can't be free?
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    now this is a post
    all about how
    this thread got flipped
    turned upside down
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