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    I'm trying to figure our why my Pre is bogging down and acting sluggish. I have minimal apps installed, but I have a lot of SMS and MMS conversations that I haven't deleted. Could this be causing it?

    I noticed that MMS files are stored in a temp folder you can access when using your Pre as a USB device. I don't have near enough to cause an issue with storage space, but I wonder if they are creating the sluggish response.

    Has anyone else experienced this???

    Btw, I haven't done anything to my Pre outside of the updates pushed by Palm. No homebrew apps either. This is very frustrating for me.
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    Well the longer the conversation gets the longer it takes for the device to open that thread. As for it making whole device sluggish, naaa something else in play there.
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    not sure if it does or not either, but after my last full erase, i delete messages as they come in or after a day or so... so they don't get overwhelming with the swiping off screen. seems to be doing decent
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    I'm sure eventually past a certain point it will start to be an issue (it is for most phones). But in general, I kinda doubt it. This is because stuff like the email app is horribly slow to open, and I hardly have any emails at all...
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    yes, others have reported if they delete them and their emails it makes their pre run faster. i dont have a youtube video to prove this but it is what others have said. i have not experienced a problem.
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