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    Hey everyone,

    First, I'll start with my question: is there a major difference (known issues, reliability, etc.) between the launch-era Pre's and the newer ones?

    I had to exchange my Pre for a new one today because the keyboard stopped working (second time I've had to, and for the same reason ). The first time I had to, I owned the phone for less than a week. I got it in October, and the home button had a pearl finish. When I exchanged the phone in store (Sprint Store), they opened a new box in front of me and gave me the new one. It, too, had the pearl home button.

    Both phones had the latest webOS version (at the time).

    Since then, I've chugged along nicely with a couple homebrew apps and patches, but nothing dangerous like the CPU Scaling patches. About a week ago, I started losing text messages in the messaging app (which seems to be a new, common occurrence), so I searched the ever handy and helpful knowledge here in the forums. Unlinking and relinking the contacts didn't help, so I paid a visit to the webOS Doctor, and that fixed it.

    A day later (yesterday, actually), I was about to finish writing a text message when the keyboard stopped working. I tried resetting and pulling the battery, but to no avail. So I exchanged it again at the Sprint Store, but this time they gave me one from a refurb package. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but as I understand it, the launch Pre's had a mirrored finish on the home button, not to mention a bevy of other hardware problems.

    I don't mind the refurb, but I don't want to have to call customer service and then go back to the store for another issue and would rather do all of that now to get a newer model, if it's advisable to do so. Likewise, if this helps at all, the new phone is listed as 'Hardware Version A' under More Info in the Device Info app.

    Sorry for being longwinded, but I wanted to be thorough. Thanks for the help.
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    Yes, there are multiple models of the Palm Pre. The latter has many mechanical issues that plagued the original Pre's, fixed. Shockingly, even if you convince Palm to send you a new Palm Pre from their warehouse as a replacement, they send you a 1st gen (read: plagued with issues) phone. Fun, huh?
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    Thanks for the help, though I'm not sure 'fun' was the word you were looking for.

    That's a rather frustrating bit of info, though. Especially considering the Sprint Store gave me a brand new Pre the first time. All well; if this one decides to kill itself after a couple months I'll have more room to negotiate a new phone model (even though I feel as if I should have that power already...).

    Thanks again!

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