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    I am now running WebOS 1.2.1 (Sprint) and my 3G Connection works. Hurray.
    Thanks everybody. hope 1.3.5 will make it work on the previous version again tho..

    Geeez there's a lot of crap installed on the Sprint version.. well, at least it works..
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    My Palm History (in order): IIIe SE, m130, Tungsten|T, m505, Tungsten|T3, Zire 71, m505 (owned two different ones), Zire 72, Tungsten|C, T|X, Treo 650.
    After that I got a Apple iPhone 3G, Palm Pre (GSM), Google Nexus One.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tomi666 View Post
    ............. ****, could you give your opinion on the GPS thread. On some GSM devices the gpsOne tab seems to be missing?
    Unfortunately, I don't know what 'gpsOne' is. I did ,however, just publish a patch to enable the GPS info screen on a GSM model, see
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