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    So I have been thinking about it. I bought my Palm Pre today and I love it! But i was a little worried about all of the predictions that Palm will die and stuff. If it was to happen I think I would LOVE IT if Apple was to buy Palm! lol. For one, The iphone would be AMAZING with the Pre-esque multitasking and notification panel. I know some people talked about Nokia buying them but that worries me a bit because I dont like the idea of just throwing webOS on every single phone. To me, it seems as if itll make it dull and a little boring because the OS wouldn't be as special if every other phone had it. Hopefully with the introduction to Verizon, Palm will see some positive returns and hopefully bring it back from the 'almost dead'...What do you guys think?
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    Apple buying Palm?!, ...god. I hope THAT never happens...

    Nokia, maybe. MS, maybe. Apple? <shudder>

    Someone will scoop up the remains of Palm, but I doubt Apple will be one of the interested parties.
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    DON'T see that happening.
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    What would a potential buyer get from Palm, though? Owning WebOS would be more trouble than it's worth.

    I've watched a lot of cool stuff die over the past 15 years. OS/2, 3DFX, the Dreamcast...eventually the few features that ARE good in WebOS will end up becoming ubiquitous anyway.
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    Simple .....I would not buy another Palm.
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    If Palm were to fail – I would hope that the WebOS platform would continue. I think that Palm need to start licensing WebOS to other manufactures (e.g. LG has a good line of phones but their entry into smartphones is using Windows Mobil OS). Many other phone manufactures using the WebOS operating system would prop up Palm and give a larger user base for their products.
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    Palm has a full chest of patents. It'd be worthwhile to buy em at a cheap price. But not to make webOS phones with.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cardfan View Post
    Palm has a full chest of patents. It'd be worthwhile to buy em at a cheap price. But not to make webOS phones with.
    Speaking of which, if Palm were to see the writing on the wall, there could be a flurry of lawsuits like we haven't seen since the 80's. I wouldn't be surprised if Palm wound up winning a number of them, too, at the least as settlements. That route has never been Palm's way, though, because they want to keep those patents like a treasure chest so that if things go bad, one of these main players would buy the company just to prevent the potential of lawsuits. It isn't going to be Apple, someone who's worked within the boundries of the smartphone industry for many years, I've been pulled more and more over to believing that Nokia, or even Microsoft, would be more inclined to make that happen. Possibly even TI or <gasp> Intel or AMD even. Asus? Don't count them out too.
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    From Palm to Apple? No.

    I'd go to Google.
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    If Apple was to buy palm, that would be the end of the pre all together. Why would they want to push the pre when there sole mission is to push the iphone. I can't wait to see when the pre and the iphone are on verizon. Even better the iphone, pre, and droid competing on the same carrier.
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    I hope Palm has a good will.
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    I don't understand the Apple hate, although I realize this is a Palm forum. I grew to hate my Apple iPhones, both the 1st gen, and the 2nd gen iterations of the device, but it took me two years for my hate to fully ripen; with the Pre, I think my hate baby will fully mature in about two more months. With the 3GS, Apple has the best phone out, with the Motorola Droid and the reputed Google Nexus One nipping at it's far off heels.

    You have to concede that Palm isn't on top, and outside a loyal bunch of Palm-lovers, they never will be. Unless of course, their CES showing is unflappable and can be delivered.

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