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    is it just me or the web browser is way faster on the new patch
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darth Mo View Post
    The Instinct and Pre both have the same size screen at 3.1". The BB Storms 1 & 2 have a 3.25", a whopping 1/8" larger.
    I was referring to the Instinct that Sprint actually sold once they started selling the Pre - the S30. That's 3.2 inches. It's bigger. The Hero is bigger. the Droid is bigger. The Eris is bigger. The iPhone is bigger. The Storm is bigger. The N97 mini is bigger. The N900 is bigger. The Touch Pro 2 is bigger. The nexus One is bigger. The HD2 is bigger.

    This disparity will continue to grow. The most recent touchscreen-oriented device with such a small screen was the Motorola Cliq, which has quickly become an also-ran.

    Resolutions are also increasing, along with perks like oleophobic coating, glass durability, and AMOLED/OLED brightness. Not only is the Pre falling behind in these areas, but Palm released a second WebOS handset with an even more tiny and washed-out display. Maybe it was to make the crappy 2 megapixel photos look better.
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