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    I was wondering today, since I have had multiple replacements I have three chargers. Also, I have a touchstone so is it possible to see if I can plug in one directly through the wire while the phone is on the touchstone?

    I only ask because I left both my spares at work somehow because I used pandora and gdial constantly and my battery life drains so quickly.

    Has anyone tried to do this? And if you can please post results over the next couple days.

    I know it's convenient to just have it on the touchstone but sometimes I miss on the thing and don't hit the sweetspot so I wake up in the morning with a dead phone. Also, not to mention some times you are only stopping home for just 10 or 15 minutes and your phone is dieing. It would be a nice way to boost up as much as possible.

    Or will it just overheat lol?

    Any results would be nice to know! Thanks.
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    Sounds like a really bad idea.
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    +1 for bad idea
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    I was wondering the same thing today. Why is it such a bad idea?
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    I don't have any personal experience with the touchstone. So, I'm not sure how fast it charges in comparison to the regular wall charger. I do know that my pre charges significantly faster on the car charger, and slower on the computer, than the standard outlet set up.

    I guess if you were to try it out, do it at a time where you can baby-sit your pre for a bit. Hook it up with the cable and set it on the touchstone, but make sure you check the temperature of it and pay good attention to the screen to see if anything happens. If it noticeably overheats, pop the back off and have a gentle fan breeze over it.

    I'm sure the touchstone manual should say something about this topic, but maybe they didn't consider the possibility.

    I don't completely recommend it, but I'm highly curious to know the outcome.
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    sounds like a a dumb idea...two chargers = too much current = dead pre
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    This has been discussed previously. Doesn't charge any faster just makes the Pre really hot and as odm4286 said, it'll likely fry the Pre, battery, or both.

    I've never actually timed it but my Touchstones seem to charge the Pre pretty quickly. I throw it on, have dinner, chat with the wife and in that time it typically goes from 30 -40% up to the 90s.

    Your best bet is taking an extra .005 second to make sure the Pre is properly seated on the Touchstone.

    If you still need more juice, get an extra battery.
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    Not a good idea to push more juice through than the battery was designed to handle. Don't know if Palm implemented any safeguards for this or not, but don't push your luck.

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