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    First, I listen to a ton of audio books so I use Music Player Remix to play my music. It has a handy remember position and book mark ability. I use the normal Music player for normal music, although I miss the functions from remix.

    I however am having some issues with Remix. First the Album preview is all messed up, it only shows half of the album art, the rest is black. Then when it goes from lets say chapter 5 to chapter 6, the display will say chapter 20 (even though chapter 6 is playing). Don't know what is up with that.

    Second, I use drPodder for Podcasts but it never seems to get my save location right. It can be as much as 10 minutes off at times. Is there a way to force it to bookmark before I leave?
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    Hmm maybe i need to pause dr. podder before i close it. Anyone got any suggestions?

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