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    Hello everybody. Tomorrow I will be getting my first palm pre. I have some smartphone experience with blackberry and windows mobile. I just wanted to know what are some of the must have apps for the pre? Also I have an iPod touch and I have the espn radio app and I was wondering if there is something like that for the pre. Look forward to joining the community.
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    Welcome to Precentral.
    There are lots of apps. You should probably look at homebrew and see what meets your needs. I would definetly install Preware as this will make installing patches much easier and those are a must have. Enjoy your Pre.
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    If you want to snyc your Pre with your itunes libray you are going to have to download an older version of itunes, if you use the search, you can find what version and where to download it at. There are also other alternatives like Double Twist and Media Monkey to list a few. Probably best to wait till after the 1.3.5 update to install Preware and patches if you choose to modify your Pre.
    Enjoy your Pre!

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