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    when try to call, it just ends automatically as soon as call started, just a beep and dead.

    is sprint down here? or something else is happening? I just made several calls a minute ago, and now seems can't make any calls anymore?
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    Try restarting your phone. Also where is 'here'?
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    call dropped?
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    Any other Sprint phones nearby, to try it with? Or maybe drive a few miles away from where you are (to access a different tower) and try again.
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    I am having the same problem and I am in Austin, Tx. I have tried restarting, updating network settings, taking battery out. I can't even call customer support.
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    i'm having this problem too, and am also in austin tx! maybe it's a local thing? i also have NO internet connection when i usually have no problems. i've found i can call certain contacts but not most...
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    same problem here. i also live in austin , tx. spoke to chat support a while ago and they said the 3g network was down that palm uses. they said it should be back up at 8 cst. it is now 8:07 still not working

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