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    is it possible to create an eq app with the current hardware or not. Just wondering if it was capable of handling it. My friend said that maybe the reason it has not been done yet is due to the chipset?
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    By eq I assume you mean equalizer?
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    Or EverQuest?

    In either case, it's a matter of software to get functionality, and hardware to get usability. Is there equalizer software? Probably. Is there equalizer software that is fast enough to be considered usable? I haven't a clue.

    For EverQuest, the answer's theoretically yes, because you can build WINE for the pre, and you can play Everquest in Wine. But I seriously doubt you'd enjoy playing at 480x300 at 1 frame per 10 seconds, and no mouse support.
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    i meant equalizer for the music player
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    I'd really like to see some form of Equalizer for the Pre too. I'm quite surprised with all the Modded versions of the music player out there someone hasn't incorporated one yet.

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