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    I'm flashing with original stock ROM...and it stuck at 12% and the log says trenchcoat waiting...

    Don't know it because of my win XP?

    Can I run the web os doctor via vm virtual box?
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    Quote Originally Posted by gitit20 View Post
    OK you all might want to try to plug the phone into a different USB port on your pc dont use any front usb ports make sure the usb port your plugging it in to is connected directly to the motherboard most the time it will be located on the back of the computer next to the Ethernet connector...

    The reason for this is because all your front USB ports on most PC's (desktop) are hooked up to the mother board via a dongle and some times will not provide enough power for it to charge and also doctor at the same time.

    Have you ever used a USB Hard Drive that was plugged in to a front usb and it will disconnect and then reconnect again while backing up files?

    Same probs the front USB will often not provide enough power...
    This was definitely the case for me. Thanks for the suggestion!
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    Quote Originally Posted by rwhitby View Post
    First put the device into recovery mode, then memboot the device using the installer uImage (extracted from your webOS Doctor jar and copied into the SDK bin folder):

    cd C:\Program Files (x86)\Palm\SDK\bin
    novacom boot mem:// < nova-installer-image-castle.uImage

    After it boots, run novaterm:


    Once connected to the device, type:

    lvm.static vgscan --ignorelockingfailure
    lvm.static vgchange -ay --ignorelockingfailure

    then type:

    mkdosfs -f 1 -s 64 /dev/store/media

    Once that completes, put the device back into recovery mode and run the webOS Doctor.

    -- Rod
    will this work on a at&t pre3?
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