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    Since i've had my pre (6 months) i've been editing (clipping) mp3's on my desktop and drag/dropping them into my ringtones folder. Last night for the first time i ran into an odd situation.

    I clipped an mp3 and moved it into the pre's ringtones folder, just like i always do. But for some reason when i find the ringtone in my phone, it doesn't have a name (the song title)'s just blank! So i deleted the ringtone and tried it again from scratch...but same thing, no name!

    The ringtone actually WORKS just fine. I assigned it as my ringer and it plays when i get calls. But does anyone have any idea why the name isn't showing up in my phone?????

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    I have the same problem, i got two tropic thunder ringtones from a random website that when i put them on my phone the names are just blank boxes. When i click play, an overlapping grey box pops up a few cm above the original blank box for the duration its playing. Like original poster said still works fine so i just figured it was a glitch with the files i was using and ignored it.
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    Try this. Connect the Pre as a USB device. Browse to your ringtone folder, and right click the MP3 file that's giving you grief. Look at the Details tab, and click on the Title field, and enter a title. I suspect that there's a blank or an unsupported character in the title, and that's causing the problem.

    I had a similar issue where I had created a ring tone for one of my grown daughters back on my Treo. I used the first one as a "template" for all four of my daughters, adding their names individually in Audacity. When I copied it over to the Pre, all four of them said "Katie Ring" instead of the file name of the MP3 (which was "XXXX Ring", with XXXX being the name of the daughter).

    It always worked fine on my Treo, but all four of them showed up as "Katie Ring". Really threw me the first time, but I would play them, and they all played correctly.

    Someone pointed me to the steps I just outlined for you, and my problem was solved.
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    hparsons...i was so excited when i read your post to see that it was such a simple fix...BUT...

    So i checked where you told me to and yes, the title was blank. I typed in the song's title and saved it. Ejected the pre...opened up my phone...STILL BLANK! =( I even went back in usb mode to make sure the title had saved properly, and it did.

    I actually use Audacity as well to create these ring tones. And there's nothing wrong with the embedded tagging itself, because the song's title shows up EVERYWHERE ELSE i use the song/clip...just not in the ringtones section on my phone. WEIRD!

    Any other ideas?????
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    Dang. Sorry that didn't work. There's something tickling at the back of my brain that maybe there was a step I missed or something. I remember I had to play around a bit, before I actually got things to work right.

    Can you upload the file? If not, send it to hparsons at parsonsys dot com, and I'll take a look at it.
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    BTW, this AT&T Labs Natural VoicesŪ Text-to-Speech Demo is one of my favorite web sites to use with creating custom ringtones and alerts. I get more comments about how I got my phone to "talk to me" from folks near me when my phone starts to play "Pretty Woman" as a ringtone, and a lady with a UK accent says "That's Gini calling, better answer it" (Gini's my wife).

    My favorite setting is "Audry, UK English". Add that on top of a little creative Audacity editing (lowering lyrics, cutting and pasting repetitive recognizable clips, etc), and you get some really fun ringtones.

    Attached are some samples.
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    Okay, i'll try to get the file to you tonite when i'm at my home computer.

    Nice work on those ringtones! All i do is clip a song and be done with that's a lot more advanced than anything i do. But if i can find the time to play with it, i think i'll check that out!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pookela View Post
    All i do is clip a song and be done with that's a lot more advanced than anything i do.
    Several years back I sort of reached a "decision point" with ringtones. I hated the "midi" type tunes, but using actual song clips made it sound as if a radio was playing instead of a phone ringing.

    I wanted the "cool" of the song ringtone, but didn't want it to sound like the radio playing. Because I leaned more to the latter, I ended up not using soungs as a ringtone.

    Then one day, I noticed that the intro to "Bad to the Bone" would make a really good ringtone. I started playing with it in a sound editor and came up with the idea of using repetetive clips that made the ringtone uniquely a ringtone, but still left the song recognizable. Fortunately, I stumbled on one of the easier songs to do that with.

    I did the same with a few other songs (my wife's ring is Pretty woman, with the intro repeated a few times, and then smootly jumping to the ending, with only the words "pretty woman..." at the end heard), but when I tried it with "My Girl" for my daughters' (I have four) ringtones, I gave up. The small snippets were too small to be recognizable, and I couldn't cut it up leaving the lyrics in.

    Then I was fooling around with some other sound functions, and ran across the AT&T site, and the thought hit me that I could lower the voice level of lyrics, and add a track with the computer generated voice-over announcement. That would keep the song recognizable, and still make it obvious it was a phone ringing, not a radio playing.

    I suppose I could have done the same thing just talking into a mic, but I don't like listening to my own voice, and the Text to Speech thing adds a nice touch of geek to it all.

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