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    when I'm out and about in nyc and I need to find something, the google maps app takes a year to open. Anyone else have this problem? Why is it like that???

    will there ever be a speed fix for it?
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    I think I had the same experience finding my way to a falafel spot in Brooklyn. But once it was up it seemed to track pretty fast. My thought was maybe it had to do with signal strength based on all the buildings. It took about a minute or so to get up and running. I tend to have the same problem when I'm inside my apartment. My Garmin does it also.
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    Every once in a while I have the same issue (even with full 3G service). Usually if I restart the program it clears up. Strangeness.
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    As I understand it, Google Maps pulls most of its content directly from the cloud rather than act as a "native" application (which solely queries a server for pertinent data). This is why Google has been able to update the application without going through Palm directly & hence the recent 6.7 update, etc. I believe this may also be why the application loads so slowly. Hope that helps some.
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    Yeah. That's because it's not an app so much as a bookmark. It does everything on the server side. I miss google maps on the blackberry where it was a proper application.
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    Based on what we know about Google Maps on WebOS... it all depends on your connection, the network and speed.

    But something did happen after 1.3.1 -- Google Maps sucks so bad now. I can barely use it.
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    okay, thanks guys. That clears it up... Is there a good alternative to this?
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    I was looking for Bing ( yes of all the places I trust Microsoft sometimes).
    I am frustrated by google maps. And probably will not use it at all.
    The regular navigation App is just fine.
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    Download the app. It uses bing maps and is seems much snappier scrolling around. It doesnt have all the navigation features but thats what the sprint nav is for.

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