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    Yeah, just like my wife! Can I trade her in too???
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    I hear you'll get a refurbished unit in return.
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    tang you
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    Quote Originally Posted by mejifair View Post
    I have used it a few times, and I have to say the directions are HORRIBLE. It tells me to exit the freeway and then immediately get back on...takes me in the absolute wrong direction when I can see my destination ahead...overall not trustworthy at all!!!!!!!
    Both my Garmin and Tom Tom occasionally do this.

    I've used Sprint navigation on 2 different phones (Instinct and Pre) and find it to be very good.
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    Lately mine has been working, but the voice does cut out everynow and then.
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    Mine works perfectly. I use it on my motorcycle to listen to Accuradio and the nav. Love the way it auto-drops the sound for the voice guidance.

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    Mine just started doing the no signal crap for a week now. I thought It was just because I was in the crappy area somewhere in with tall buildings but I tried it in the area i usually get it at.
    Here is what happens:
    I turn on app. runs okay.
    Go to a favorite or enter in destination. Cool, picks up location and gives direction.
    Within a minute, i lose signal. Gmap kinda works too but giving me inaccurate location of my vehicle, like it was triangulating through towers.
    Try for location again via Nav but wont get location, even tho Im still at same exact spot.

    I assume its the gps unit that suddnely power down.
    Gonna restart phone and retry. If not will try customer support and see how it goes.
    Release date Pre.
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    I had this same issue fo the first time sunday!! No gps signal...and I needed it more den ever...glad it wasn night time I really woulda been ****ed n lost
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    Irocdaspot513, first thing to try is resetting the phone (hold down the orange, sym, and R keys simultaneously). That usually clears the issue with the GPS not being able to get a lock (at least in the short term) and should only cause you a couple of minutes down time.
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