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    forewarning: the camera app WILL stall as mentioned above
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    This patch is fantastic! and the battery life is superb. I still don't see where the lock ups are because i cannot find any.
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    so far so good for me.
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    Has anyone tried using this on the Pixi? If so, any good results?
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    The Pixi has a different processor running at a different speed than the Pre. Probably not a good idea to even think about that. Wait for a patch made for the Pixie.
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    Thanks for the warning. I would hate to have it crash and burn in a glorious fireball
    LG Rumor -> HTC Touch -> Palm Pixi -> Palm Pre+ (if they ever bring it to Sprint)
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    If you want to try it out and not have it permanent, you can actually do it so that it won't stay after a reboot. See how stable it is, then install the patch if it works for you...

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    working great for me
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    i would like to report that this patch is amazing and i haven't had a single crash on it. The phone feels like it should have been in the beginning. i now think that with the speed bump i cannot have the phone without this patch.
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