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    at 6:30 this morning i unplugged my pre with 100% battery life after 10 hours on not using it at all its now at 24%. i had patches and homebrew apps and all that stuff, i took off all the patches but left everything else on. i literally haven't used it at all its just been on in my backpack. should i doctor the phone or do you have any other suggestions?
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    A new battery.
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    I'm having the same problem. I've had the phone since launch day and havent had any significant battery problems...until a few days ago. I have a few patches and apps but nothing new in the past month so I can't understand why the issue just came about? After some research I called Sprint and had them update my PRL but it hasnt made a difference. I might try a new battery.
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    yeah i updated the prl and the network settings and havent installed any new patches. so ill probably doctor it to see if software or something is the problem

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