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    Quote Originally Posted by saabaru View Post
    If they are making the Pre faster and faster come each new webOS update, and currently are sitting on 1.3.1, then this thing should really be going all out come update 1.5.x right? hmmm.....
    oh yeah, blazing fast... :-/
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    ok, this is a bit off topic, but is 'speed'-related...

    I've picked up a moto droid a little more than a week ago, you now... to see what the fuss is about... Anyway, at that time all I knew is that its got a horizontal sliding keyboard...

    ok, long story short...

    the friggin thing is a monster! At 550 mhz it is very fast, has a 480x854 screen, shoots video at 480x720 (yes, that's dvd rez) @24 fps, nice actual 3d games, ugh... Hell, my lil netbook couldn't play an HD clip from youtube and droid did like it was nothing!


    If droid at 550Mhz can handle all that load and more, and is still snappy, than why is our beloved pre at 500mhz is sooooo laggy, even when doing simple 'dumb phone tasks'?

    I unplugged both, my pre and droid and after 11 Hrs of absolutely nothing the pre has died on me, while after medium/heavy usage the droid still had 60+% battery... Huh? Oh, and did i forget to mention droid screen was on full brightness... :-/ sorry, just had to get this off my chest...

    I swear, I love my pre, but... What's going on here ? O_o
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    Quote Originally Posted by cheburashka View Post
    If droid at 550Mhz can handle all that load and more, and is still snappy, than why is our beloved pre at 500mhz is sooooo laggy, even when doing simple 'dumb phone tasks'?
    Probably the quality of the processor.
    My iPhone 3g (deactivated) and 1 week old HTC Hero both seem a little smoother then my Pre.
    I guess its just the nature of the OS. Its bearable though.

    Too add a response to the OP: I doctored my Pre twice since I had it (4months)m and it sped the device up a lot. Felt great getting that speed back.
    I noticed major slowdowns over time. At 1 point I couldnt even open 2 cards.
    I doctored my phone again 2 days ago because I am sending back to spint for a replacement. The slider completely broke on me somehow. Oreo effect started about 2 months ago and started getting worse ever since.

    Hopefully later today when my new Pre arrives it will be better quality than the older one. I swear if Palm got with HTC to make some phones with the formfactor & speed similar to the droid, hero, or even HD2, WITH WebOS I would be in heaven. This build quality of this Pre is a at the bottom of my 3 phones.
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    All I know is after doctoring this thing, for the last two days its been a monster. Very little lag. I've only felt like I as waiting on phone once or twice compared to every 10 seconds before. I am sure it will slow down again.

    The point of this thread was hopefully to come up with some ideas on what makes it slow down and what the doctor does to improve performance so maybe a less destructive way could be implemented. But it was hijacked apparently. Someone did say they use the repair utility often, and that seems to keep their Pre happy, so maybe I'll try that.
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    Basically, If you have tweaked your WebOS with customized tweaks or homebrew applications, when you upgraded, many times stuff will be left behind from the tweaks/homebrew applications. So even if you perform the Emergency Patch Removal, you'll still have some extraneous stuff left behind. When you do a WebOS Doctor it basically reimages your WebOS and gives it a clean slate. So it will automatically seem faster.
    The repair utility only compares the WebOS files for changes or missing files. It however does not delete other files which is on the Pre which possibly doesn't belong after an OTA upgrade.
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