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    Just been trying to download RadioTime (as on the post on the front of this site).. I can click on it, it requests to use my current location. .then says 'App Catalog unavailable Try again later.

    I'm in the uk.. anyone else getting this ?
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    I have not tried this app but I think we all suffer the same issue. Palm, the nobbers that they are being, have a different market available to us and as such, restrict the apps that we can access. For example, when I first got my Pre, I downloaded the free version of AccuWeather. Since the 1.3.1 update, they removed it from the App Catalog for non-US users. As I still have it, it shows me there is an update to the app but when I click it, I get 'App Catalog not available'.

    From what I gather, they might get their act together and open the full market to us soon... but a lot of the rumour I have seen on here would have suggested that we'd have seen it already.
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    I'm in the U.S. and have had this problem for days...
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    me too. Very uneliable interacting w/ app catalog. Rather infuriating.

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