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    I'm having some issues with getting random messages telling me that a restart is required. The phone then restarts, has me go back through with signing in to my palm profile, re-syncing all of my accounts, etc. Once I log back in, my patches are still in tact but all of my homebrew apps are completely gone. Anyone else ever run into this problem? It's not like I'm updating OS versions or anything, it just seems to be completely random.
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    The exact same thing just happened to me. I got off of the phone with my brother, hung up the phone and it said that it needed a restart and needed to sync with my palm profile again. My initial thought was the mention of the NY Jets on the phone caused the issue.

    I still have my homebrew apps though. Preware is still showing the packages that I have installed as well.
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    You turned out better than I did then. I lost my preware, my contacts launcher page, luna restart, and then a few other homebrew apps (including my beloved Dr. Podder). It's more annoying than anything else, all of my USB files are in tact though.

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