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    I get this message regularly when I only have one or two cars open. Especially when the card I am trying to open is an additional browser card. Today I tried to go to the link in the sory about Radiotime. I only have 3 cards open, and when I hit the link in the article I get a "too many cards" message.

    At least once every couple weeks I have to restart my phone because I get the message even if there are no active cards.

    If you are going to use the ability to run multiple cards as a selling point, the device should be able to support more than 2 or 3.
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    Kinda a known break in 1.3.1 and appears to revolve around the web app leaking memory. Oddly this issue is resolved when you keep the cache cleared out of the browser. This of course depends on the sites you hit for some with large content can trigger this too.
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    I felt your pain man, I too was getting the dreaded "Too Many Cards" error message after this last update (1.3.1). But no more thanks to Preware, there is a patch that will elimate that and allow you to multitask with ease once more. Fire up Preware and install the "Lower Swap Threshold" patch and your problems should be gone. It's working like a champ for me. Enjoy!

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