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    I want to download a mobile program through a website and when you go to their link through the Pre is shows a Black Bar at the bottom of the screen directing me to download a .JSP file. When I click the bar to download it, the following message comes up:

    "No Handler for file"

    I am thinking that the Pre cannot run the JSP files so is there anyway to download something enable me to run that JSP file? Or is there anyway around this problem?


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    The Pre does not support downloading programs through the web browser at this time. There is going to be an update to add this functionality. However, the app you were trying to download probably does not support webOS.
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    If it is downloading it instead of displaying it, most likely there is a server issue or the browser does not think it's html because of invalid markup.
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    Thanks guys. Its little things like these that make me miss my Treo. I like the OS overall for using the the internet but not being able to play my messages from work through Outlook (WAV files) and now this are little things that **** me off.

    Why it also sucks is that I cannot get to the main website of this company either because they must write it in some script not supported by the OS. Its is honestly the first website I cannot get to using my Pre. Tells me there is an "error".
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    Hmmm...Mook, we couldn't possibly be trying to access the same site, could we?!? Bookmaker!!!
  6. #6 works fine with my pre. Works with the Pixi as well. What site are you going to?
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